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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

You remeber that valiant Iraqi farmer that downed and American Apache with nought but his frying pan and a stick of butter? He now admitted the Iraqi government made him say it:

BBC NEWS | Middle East | The 'Apache' farmer's tale

"I didn't shoot down an Apache or anything else. All that happened was that I went to the field, as I usually do early in the morning, and was surprised to find some bodies on the ground.

"I began to rub my eyes to make sure that what I was seeing was true or whether I was imagining it," he said.

"When I realised that it was really true, I was overcome by fear and rushed to the nearest government post to inform them that there was a plane in my field.

Ali Abid Minqash recieves quite the ribbing from his friends and family for his feat. It has been said that the US decided to withdraw its fleet from the Gulf when it learned Minqash planned to go fishing there.

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