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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Let's talk about Salam Pax some. Something I noticed about his description of events in Iraq is his nationalism, his anger that other Arab states didn't make a full out effort to stop the Americans. He was mad enough at them that he wants to refuse any humanitarian aid from those sources. First there was his humor at the Kuwaiti Red Cresent van handing out supplies getting mobbed by people chanting in support of Saddam. Then there was his desire to join a demonstrator protesting Jordanian and Egyptian aid. The fact the demonstrator was from the hated regime was the only thing that stopped him. Something else seemd to be his initial anger at the attack, but that it has waned somewhat since the fighting ended. I don't know how widespread feelings such as his are among the Iraqi people. Salam is a middle-class architecht from Bagdhad, probably Sunni although he doesn't seem to religious. Probably has spent considerable time abroad and has many American titles in his film library and music collection. Does he represent the southern Shia as well? He was pretty nervous about going through Hezbolla territory. Ah well, just some random thoughts for the day.

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