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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Bush-Rice 2004! Rice-Rumsfeld 2008!

The Mind Of Man: Cat-Fight 2008
Which brings us to the cat fight of 2008. If the Democrats do lose in 2004, Hillary is almost sure to run in 2008 and she would run roughshod over her opponents in the primaries. It would be no contest. If Condi Rice, as a sitting Vice-President, decided to run in 2008 we would almost certainly saying "Madame President" on January 20th, 2009, and it would likely be to Condi Rice.
The Democrats portray the Republicans as hostile to black people but it is largely a lie. There are exceptions to the rule, but most Republicans would be thrilled to vote for her because she is incredibly intelligent and she radiates confidence. The same can't be said for Hillary Clinton.
That's what I'm hoping for: Cat-Fight 2008 with Condi Rice as our first black President, first female President and a Republican to boot. My dream scenario.

I agree. If Bush goes with Cheney again, which he's already said he will, I don't think Cheney is likely to run for President in his own right. His health will be too much an issue. That makes for competetive Republican Primaries in '08, and just makes it easy for Hillary. Condi, however, can do three things: break the Demo hold on African Americans, break the Demo hold on the women's vote, and will be a powerful and skilled President in her own right.

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