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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Me, Life, Guns, WMD, and Clinton

Well, here we go. First off, we just moved into our new home. It's been my parents (or at least my moms) dream for at long as I can remeber to build their own home, and we finally did it. 15 years until hte loan is paid off, but it ours, and its very nice. Largest home we've ever lived in, bigger than we expected even. Some may say a large home is excessive, but when you've been striving for it for years, you take the best you can get. For hte first time, all the kids have seperate rooms, and we even have an extra one to rent out.

This move and school are the main reasons I haven't been posting. Last monday I took my LSAT exam to get into Law School. I should have the results late next week. I also moderated a two day MUN conference for the local High Scool and Middle School students. That was a major strees factor that carried over into the LSAT exam. I also have this horrible procrastination problem with my studies. I wrote a 15 page essay on politics in the Supreme Court selection process in a marathon session Tuesday. Nothing like stress to put on the pressure.

Unlike my sister, when I'm procrastinating I can't do usefull or constructive things like cleaning or writing in my journal (this blog). Instead I seek distractions. One of these distractions has led me to what I beleive will be my next hobby. I blame bill at for leading me to Frank at for leading me down this path. But anyways, reading through Franks postings convinced me I wanted a gun, and where better to seek gun advice than at a extreemist millitia site? So I'm seeking involvement in a local militia, and looking for good rifle buys. Some of you may be worried about this, but it is a topic that will likely come up again, at which time we can launch into a good philosophical, legal, and moral debate about firearms.

Although I'm eventually associating with a militia, that does not mean I have adopted wholesale all the political views that usually circulate through such groups. Minutemen tend to lean heavily liberatarian or beyond. Most don't like anyhting the gov't does, ever. That's not me. After much thought, I've decided I'm not a libertarian. I also don't have an immediate conspiracy theory reaction to everything going on above. That's how I feel about the WMD issue going on. Saddam had those weapons. Anyone who thinks they never existed haven't been paying attention. The UN themselves knew he had weapons, and some of the weapons they were sure he had he did not ever account for in that 15,000 page lie. Saddam also had several months in which he could have moved weapons out of the country, therough sympathizers in Syria or Iran. I know both nation official policy had issues with him, but certainly there were people willing to help. And what about those mobile factories? What else could they have been for other than weapons? Why would you scrub clear a mobile baby milk factory before abandoning it? Why would you have a mible baby milk factory? More on this later.

But speaking of multi-paged lies... Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham's new book is out. I won't waste any money on that, I've heard enough. To claim she had no idea her hubby was lying until a few days before his testimony coming clean to the nation is another untruth designed to gain the sympathy of the housewife vote for 2008. The guy has been cheaitng on her for decades. To say she believed him, after decades of cheating on her, would be an insult to Hillary's intelligence. Hillary is not dumb. She is a wiley and skilled politician. The whole book is probably a strategy to divert attention from the Demo candidates so none of them win so Hillary won't have to run against an incumbent Dem.

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