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Monday, July 21, 2003

GridLocke Ends

Gov. Gary Locke announces he will not seek a third term

Hooray! Here's his supposed reasons:

'Despite my deep love of our state, I want to devote more time to Mona, Emily and Dylan. As profoundly important as it is to be your governor, it is just as important to me to be a good husband and father.

Oh, how sweet. It's more profoundly important to him to spend time with his family than it is to castrate Washington's economy. Gosh, I hope Mona, Emily and Dylan realise what a loss to our State Gary is.
'It is a great honor to serve the people of Washington as governor. I am proud of our strong record of accomplishments since taking office.
Like chasing Boeing away. That took some work.
'Serving as governor has been very rewarding, challenging, and personally enriching.

I think $569,144 plus benefits and perks over eight years is certainly personally enriching for the amount of work done.

'I will continue to work hard and intensify our efforts on our state's top priorities of government for the remainder of my term, focusing especially on education, jobs, health care, competitiveness and the environment.
'Together, we will continue to move our state ahead and better position Washington for the future.'"

As opposed to the past and present.

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