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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's a snap

A few months ago, just before I went on my NY trip, I finally leanred to snap. I had never been able to do it before. The only way I ever got my fingers to make a sound before was by clicking my fingernails together. Whenever I tried to do it for real, my forefinger would just slip down my thumb and not do anything. Makes less noise than one hand clapping. But one day I tried again and was suprised to finally produce that satisfying pop. I was stuned. So I repeated the motion and was delighted to get another result. In order to understand the phenomena and ensure its duplication I studied my hand and discovered why snapping works. You see, no sound is produced when your finger's slide against each other. No, the sound is made when your finger slaps your palm. The sound then reberberates and echoes out of the hollow formed by curling your other fingers, producing the familiar snaping sound. So why do we even need the thumb? Well, try snapping without it. Doesn't work, right? Can't get enough momentum to slap your palm really hard. What the tumb provides is a method to build up potetial energy in your finger, much as a string builds up energy when you compress it. So when you release your finger, it can travel much faster, impacting the meat below the thumb with enough force to produce a sound.

I was so pleased with this new trick, I snapped constantly while on my trip. Vi kept complaining about it. Now I do it whenever I'm bored or thinking.

I wonder why I didn't blog this earlier. It's such a natural thing to blog.

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