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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Mormon Blogs

The LDS page asked me for all the Mormon blogs I knew of, so I made a list. Here it is, in no particular order:

A Good Oman
Chez Max
Life of Levi
Midwest Bloggin
Mo' Boy Blog
A Soft Answer
Homage to Brasilia
Hugh's News
Seeking for Righteousness
Deep Thoughts
Amidst a tangled web
About: LDS
The Metaphysical Elders
Book of Mormon Diary
Colorado Psycho - Over the Edge
NEW: Chief Wiggles
NEW: The Buck Stops Here
NEW: Frosted Lexi Charm
NEW: The McHenrys
NEW: Words of our Leader's Weblog
NEW: Frank's BLOG
NEW: Weston
NEW: Blog do Mórmom!!. Translation: Blog of the Mormon!!

So, counting me, that's 30 blogs run by a latter-day saint up and about. If you know of any more, email me or the About: LDS webmaster.

UPDATE: A very suprising number of these blogs are run by lawyers or wannabe lawyers, like myself. Disregarding duplicates such as Good Oman/Meta Elders, I count 6.

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