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Monday, July 14, 2003

Nevada goes down the drain

Story via The Volokh Conspiracy.

Nevada's lower house, the Assembly, "passed" a $788 Million tax increase by 26-16. However, Nevada's Constitution states that a two-thirds majority of both houses is required to pass a tax increase. 26 is not 2/3rds of 42. This strange phenomenon of passing a bill without enough votes was set up by the Nevada Supreme Court, which ruled 6-1 that the same Constitution's requirements that the Legislature pass a balance budget and provide for education override the supermajority requirement and ordered the Legislature to operate under a simple majority.

And guess who was so determined to have a tax increase that they asked the Sup Crt to chop off a section of the State Constitution? The Democrats and RINO's, that's who. It probably never even occured to them to cut or eliminate other programs so education could be funded. Instead they decided to blatently defy the will of the People expressed in the Constitution (amended in 1996), just like the Texas Truants™ and the Senate Stallers™.

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