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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


I've noticed something about procrastination, at least for me. As the deadline for whatever I need to do gets closer, my time is taken up by more and more meaningless activity. When I have lots of time, I read Dickens, study scripture, look for volunteer activities, engage in philosophical study, and generaly improve myself. When a deadline nears, however, I start surfing random pathways on the internet, play Playstation, or combine the two and find some little dorky internet game to play over and over again. In order to stop this, I need to unplug my laptop from the internet, take it to another room, and force myself to work. It's all very annoying. This post for example. I thought of it last night (after my procrastination began to overwhelm me), and I really wanted to post it immediately. But this time at least I was able to restrain myself. Now I'm procrastinating printing my assignment and getting ready for class. And the cycle goes on.

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