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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Young Democrats!

Wow. That was pretty quick. At the end of last year, me and some friends started the College Republicans on our campus. We're getting geared up to bring several state congressmen as well as the Republican candidate for Patty Murray's Senate seat to our school. This year as club treasurer I was going to start off by taking bets on how long it would be until the Young Democrats formed on campus, but they beat me to the punch. Today at the Back-to-school Bar-B-Q I was handed a flyer by one of the members of the brand new club and we had a cordial little chat. Seemed like a nice guy, if you ignored his "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot" pin. We now have plans to work together bringing people to campus. Already I'm thinking of a debate between Murray and Nethercut. However, I don't imagine any "bi-partisan effort" with, say, GLBA and Students for Choice *shudder*.

In other news, I was appointed Senator Pro-tempore for our Student Senate, so I get to be all legalistic and lay down the law on elected officials =D

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