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Monday, December 22, 2003

Full Report

Time for a mostly complete debrief on the LotR marathon. First, no girls showed up, so that was a bummer. But we still had fun. After picking up a couple of people (one who had been confirmed and member two days before!), got home and started the first movie at 3:30 on the brand-new bigscreen. We upped the purchase date on that beast just for the occasion. We annihilated the good chips very quickly. I bought some cheap ones that wound up tasting like cardboard, so we had someone who wasn't watching go get us two more bags of guacamole Doritos. One guy, I'm sorry to say, I corrupted by purchasing a two litter of Mountain Dew. I don't buy Dew that often, but I enjoy it and I consider the caffine deal more a cultural norm than an actual part of the Word of Wisdom. However, this guy I'm talking about had recently quit caffine, and had been free for two weeks. He told me later he had a serious caffine addiciton problem and would suffer withdrawals. He downed the two liters within two minutes. He musta chugged it, because I literaly turned around and it was gone. I felt bad about breaking his good work to that point.

Anyways, we thought we were running late, what with going back so much to hear some important section because one guy in particular kept talking. So we skipped the break we had originally intended to be between Fellowship and Two Towers. Right after we started the second disk, I had to run to a Senate meeting. I had forgetten the meeting when planning the party but I figured it would be alright. It was finals week so I didn't think anyone would have anything meaningfull. Boy was I wrong. First the President and the advisor seemed intent on delaying the procedings by talking too much about some simple ideas, then we had some contentious bills come up regarding funding tickets for a biology conference and tickets for some "Pro-choice" folks to take a trip to a rally in DC. So I wound up staying htere quite a bit longer than I expected, but timed it well by getting back right as Two Towers ended, around 10:40.

We thought we had lots of time, so we cleaned up our mess and moved the TV over to the main house (the room we were in was about to be rented out the next morning). We got to the theater at about 11 and made it inside by 11:15 (after waiting for laggers and distributing tickets).

The place was packed. We got stuck on the side of the very front row. Worst seats in the house. So I bribed some people in the middle and a row behind us $10.00 for their seats. I think that was worth it, otherwise I would have seen nothing.

And as a said below, excellent show. But I think the marathon kinda ruined it for me. It seemed like more of the same, whereas all the hype promised something much greater. Although still high quality, it wasn't fresh. Sadly, I doubt it will get the Oscar.

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