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Friday, December 19, 2003


Very fun time. I was quite impressed with most of RotK, but it seemed very rushed and time compressed at the end. Like how the forces of Men recouperate from the Battle of Pelenor Fields, devise a plot to distract Sauron, throw together an army, and march it to the Black Gate, and draw away the vast hords on the central plain of Mordor, all before Sam and Frodo get down the hill from the guard tower, and then they cross said plain and climb Mount Doom (took like a week in the book) almost before Sauron gets around to answering the knock on his door. That, and the part where the Eye, which apparently is just a giant searchlight, notices two hobbits climbing Mount Doom, but then gets distracted by a meer army, even though Auron knows hobbits aren't from Mordor and a hobbit is carrying the precious.

Other than those two aspects, Jackson did a phenomenal job this picture, in spite of the substantial sections he needed to cut out, in staying true to the spirit and message of the books. Can't wait for the extended edition.

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