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Monday, February 09, 2004

Semi-monthly BBC rant

With European style anti-Christian and anti-religion-in-general bias thrown in for kicks! The Bumbling British Commies report that French MPs are set to ban headscarves. Oh, the poor picked on muslims. Sure, its a stupid law. But they (meaning hte BBC, major European critics of the law, etc) focus exclusively on the muslim headscarves. They don't care that it would ban crosses, yarmulkas, CTR rings, the little dot some Hindus put on their foreheads, etc etc etc from all schools in the entire country! Oh no, we don't care if any Christains or Jews or anyone else's rights are trampled, only the Muslims. Who would ever want to pick on the Muslims. They're so picked on already, getting their wonderful benevolent dictators overthrown by the wicked US, being forced to live in freedom, that we shouldn't add to their troubles. Oh, what's that? Christian's can't wear crosses? Mormon's can't wear CTR rings? And we care how? Freaking religous extreemists, flaunting their supposed moral superiority. We all know they should be marginalized as much as possible. But the Muslims on the other hand, we must protect them from being offended!

GYAH!!!! Why do I even read these people!!!

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