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Sunday, February 15, 2004


Today I celebrated Singles' Awareness Day, on account of being turned down six times by the poor sisters in our singles ward relief society who never get asked out. So, after taking my siblings to their non-Single Aware dance, I wnet and bought a movie I had never gotten aorund to seeing, Star Trek Nemesis. I have to say that its touchy-feely-ness was right up there with the last socialist triade of Insurrection, yet was somehow more authentic and thus bearable, especially on the Data/Before relationship. But still, the Romulans looked pretty stupid thorugh the whole thing. First, the Senate didn't notice or even react when the one lady left her little poison-cloud thing. Second, it is later revealed that the Romulans didn't even notice the Remmans were building a massive war-bird rightu nder their noses. Third, their supposed slaves had better technology in the cloaking and evil weaponry departments. Fourth, the lady romulan commander was far too chipper. Not nearly grim enough. Well, enough about weak Romulans, on to the pure silliness. Why in space could the Remmans blow away the bulkhead in front of the bridge? Why was there only one bulkhead? You don't freaken expose the command crew that much to the enemy if you can avoid it, and you surely can with onmidirectional sensors and the like. Why isn't the bridge in the center of the ship. Then, when data ran and jumped toward the Remman ship. Wha? First, he wasn't to scale when they showed him outside. Second, starships in battle usualy are at least a dozen to several hundred kicks apart, even when they had just been pried apart after a ramming (another unrealisticaly portrayed event, the prying aprat, not the ramming). It should have taken him at the very least 15 minutes, assuming an unrealisticaly high velocity. Third, in the radiation matrix room when Picard and his clone are in the knife fight, picard give a sharp wall trim a little tug and it comes loose. Who freaking builds anything to come loose with a tug? If that's the best workmanship the Remmans had available, its suprising their whole monstrosity didn't fall apart with the first glancing phaser shot. The moral of the story? I need a girlfriend...

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