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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I need to stop getting angry

because it raises my blood pressure. But it's very hard. Today someone said to my "My condolences for last night." He was reffering to Bush's press conference. He also mention that the Washington Post had called it "High on resolve, low on content." I was ok right then, but I nearly blew my top on the way home. We don't need anyone's condolences. Bush handled himself well, even if he wasn't as 'polished' as a Clinton or a Kerry. What was really pitiful about last night was the press. The questions were ludicrous! "What has been your greatest failure?" "Would you say you have failed as a communicator?" "Iraq has a lower than 50% approval, why don't you quit?" Ludicrous!!! Might have well have asked "Please tell the American people why they shouldn't vote for you." Are these people daft?!? Aargh!

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