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Sunday, April 18, 2004

My First Full Scale Fisking

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Peace prospects bleak after killing

Are you sure? I thought they were always bleak as long as people insit on blowing themselves up to kill teenager.

Anyone who dared hope that the killing had ended after Ariel Sharon's breakthrough meeting with President Bush in Washington last week, would have been severely disappointed.

Dr Rantissi was killed on Saturday by Israeli forces

Kinda nice how they dignify the zealot with his degree in pediatric medicine, which he pretty much forfeited by violating the Hipocratic Oath "First: do no harm" Kinda a twist for a children's doctor to advocate indicriminate killings

Justifying the latest assassination of a high profile Palestinian militant, the Israeli Prime Minister said bluntly after a cabinet meeting on Sunday that he would continue to pursue and kill "the leaders of terrorist organisations".

While Dr. Rantissi's degree is obvoiusly so legitimate and relevant it needs to be included, Sharon's statement is so obviously meer opinion that it needs to be surrounded with quotes. Perhaps Mr. Davies thinks Hamas is a children's as opposed to a terrorist organi[z]ation?

Having secured US support for his "unilateral disengagement" plan, Mr Sharon appears to be in no mood for compromise or to relax his controversial "targeted assassination" policy.

You bet. I think the disengagement is very near to the perfect amount of compromise the Israeli's should give. Maybe they'll give a touch more once the Palestinians come to the table?

Abdel Aziz Rantissi knew he was a marked man and was expecting to die.

He spoke to BBC News only three weeks ago, when he was announced as the new Hamas leader in Gaza, following the assassination of Sheik Ahmed Yassin.

"I am not afraid. I want to be a martyr and will die, not at the hands of Sharon, but when Allah wants it.

Well, Allah is one to deliver.

'Justified killing'

"I would prefer to die a martyr rather than of cancer or heart arrest," said the 56-year-old.

Perhaps he didn't expect to die quite so soon.

Many countries and international organisations have criticised the assassination of Rantissi as illegal and counter-productive to the peace process.

Illegal to kill a terrorist? How is it illegal to kill the leader of one of the most deadly terrorist organizations in the world? Shouldn't there be celebrations in the streets over this?

But Israel's staunchest ally and perhaps the only international "opinion" it cares about - the United States - refused to join the condemnation - saying Israel has a right to defend itself.

See that? The United States has an "opinion".

Ariel Sharon is in a strong position after returning from Washington

But even Washington added that it was gravely concerned for regional peace and stability.

Undeterred, and by now accustomed to international criticism, Mr Sharon's government says the killing of the Hamas leader was justified because he had openly supported and encouraged suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians.

Abdel Aziz Rantissi was a devout Muslim and hard-line political figure who firmly believed that Palestinians were justified in fighting to defeat the Israeli government in order achieve their political goals.

Devout Muslim. Ya, sure. Good job incriminating the entire faith there. Hard-line political figure. Just hard-line, not extreemist. They use hard-line to describe Sharon and Bush too. Firmly believed. I have firm beliefs too, but I don't think they quite match up with Rantissi's willingness to send his people's sons and daughters out to kill themselves in a twisted definition of martyrdom.

Sharon dominant

Mr Rantissi had dashed any faint hopes of a more conciliatory approach to Israel upon his appointment saying: "Nothing has changed, there is no-one left who believes in the peace process."

Did Hamas ever believe in the peace process? Oh, ya, I remember their proposal. If we drive the Joooos into the sea, there won't be anymore fighting.

Although there are still articulate and senior figures remaining in Hamas, the assassination of such a high profile figure will be a huge blow to a movement with plenty of grass roots support, but fast running out of leaders.

I feel so sorry for the movement.

Many observers appear to conclude that, for the time being, Israel is in a dominant position of strength.

Um... thank you Sherlock.

Ariel Sharon is driving home the momentum of his Washington visit and, as he's done throughout his military and political career, rarely avoiding a confrontation he thinks he can win.

In the short-term Hamas has promised to hit back, to exact revenge for its slain leader.

The United States has refused to condemn the killing of Rantissi

Dija hear that? We refuse, simply refuse to condemn the killing. Good for us.

While most Israelis support Mr Sharon's hard-line, confrontational policies they also fear and expect a Palestinian backlash.

It has yet to come, due in part to visibly increased security levels in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities.

And the long term?

Well that's anyone's guess. The Israelis and Palestinians are as far apart as they've been for a long time.

Any sense of "normality" or hopes for peace, appear very distant.

Now that last line I can agree with, especially as long as people like Mr. Davies simply ignore the real problems.

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