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Monday, May 03, 2004

The Appeasers Fight Back... Against Appeasement

I am completely baffled all the time by people on the left. What in the world is so awful about Sharon pulling out of Gaza completely and most of the West Bank? Shouldn't the left be celebrating that those nasty Israeli's are leaving? But no, Sharon apparently can't simply solve much of the problem by himself, he has to negotiate his withdrawals with the Palestinians. He has to get permission to leave, even though the Palestinians have been yelling (and blowing themselves up) for decades to get the settlers out. I think they're just at Sharon pulling the rug out from under all their arguments.

The only marginaly acceptable complaint I've heard was "But this means the other 6 settlements will stay!" This doesn't really even hold water though. People first need to accept that the Palestinians will never get all of the West Bank. It just will not happen. Negotiations require compromise, and for the Palestinians this means not geting all of Jerusalem (maybe still some of it) and not all of the West Bank. I mean, I'd actually be happy about this from a negotation standpoint if I was on the Palestinians side. This means these last six settlements are the only ones that need talking about. Makes the job much easier. Sharon is probably willing to let half of those go (if he ever manages to bring the Israeli people along). He has made the Palestinians' jobs easier, but rather than applauding him for showing some willingness to take action towards peace, the 'world community' and sadly an assortment of former British and American diplomats have lambasted him for not consulting the Palestians about giving them more land back, and blasted Bush for having the audacity to support him.

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