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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Checking in...

Yes, I'm still here. Haven't done much because of the LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL!!!! WOOHOOO!!! GRADUATED!!! I'm officialy smarter than my mom (but not wiser, she reminds me). Plus, I've been having too much fun with my computer to actually use it. I've been Windows Free for about a week now. Oh, and I also beat a pack of 12 year olds at a Super Smash Brothers tournament and won some tickets to a Blink 182 concert, a free Nintendo game (which I promptly traded in), a hat, and a little radio I've already broken.

Secondly, I've decided where I will go to Law School: Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA. That's Lee as in Robert E. As in he's buried there, with his family... and his horse. And from what I've read the prevailing political winds on campus reflect that. So in mid-August I'll be taking a road-trip from the fair lands of Cascadia to the hills of the Shenandoa Valley in Dixie. Any sights along the way you could recommend would be appreciated.

On the political front... meh...

Posted by Unknown at 3:24 PM :

Congratulations!! W&L is the best law school around, you'll love it. There was quite a large Mormon contingent when I was there, too. Good luck. Say hello to Professor Calhoun for me!
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