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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Genius, Sheer Genius

I'm mighty impressed with how well things have gone in the UN. From a purely political standpoint, it was a victory in every way for Bush. He got exactly what he wanted, without making any concessions. Oh sure, there were some vague rumors about the Multinational Force as they like to call it now being completly out of the reach of Iraqi sovreignty, but that was transparent (to me at least) grandstanding to help France and Germany feel like they changed our minds when we finally agreed to say in the resolution exactly what we've been saying all along: that we want a free, democratic, sovereign Iraq and we want to cease the occupation. As a wonderful bonus, Kerry can no longer say "I will immediately reach out to the world blah, blah, blah" and the hippies won't be able to screech about international approval as loudly etc because Bush, true to form, has ripped the carpet out from under them.

On a lighter note, I sorta want the Lakers to win so Malone can get his ring, but I sorta don't because the Lakers always win, but I sorta do because Rasheed Wallace is a jerk.

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