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Monday, June 21, 2004

How fast can you blink?

I wen't to my very first concert last night. Blink 182/No Doubt/Phantom Planet at the new Ampitheater here in Vancouver. I highlight Vancouver because the bands kept talking to us as if we were Portland! I mean, we're not even the same state! I know other suburbs around the nation may not feel slighted by that, but we endure enough economic and political tyrany from the Rose City that such fudging of the facts does not go over well. Other than that, very good concert. Blink, of course, was far more profane than I prefer, and they got some volume settings messed up for some songs, but they certainly knew how to play a crowd. Worth every penny I didn't spend. I got the tickets for free by trashing some little kids at Super Smash Bros. Melee at a video game tournament. I wasn't even planning on winning, and wouldn't have if my brother was there. So free was a great price, but that $3 cup of water wasn't.

Posted by Unknown at 2:22 PM :

Jeez $3?!!
Yes. Utterly ridiculous. But I was thirsty and there wasn't a better option, so I succummbed to the extortion.
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