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Friday, September 24, 2004

Fun in Richmond

I took a trip to the capitol of the CSA yesterday to go to a reception for Judge Robert Bork, now the owner of his very own verb, who is taking up teaching at Richmond University. The recpetion was sponsored by the Federalist Society. It was pretty fun. Some people from my school, strangely almost all foreigners, managed to corner Bobby B at a table after his little spiel and have a meaningful conversation. All I was able to do was eavesdrop. Smart guy, funny too. One thing he did talk aobut was more of the motivation behind the Saturday Night Massacre, which ended when he fired the Special Prosecutor in charge of going after Nixon. His bosses were actually under oath not to interfere with him, but he wasn't so the duty fell on him. Most of the history books portray him as the loyal toadie, when the fact of the matter was if he resigned himself, which he did offer to do, the Dept. of Justice would have needed to be totally reorganized. He said if he quit, the guy he figured Nixon would appoint instead would have fired [i]everybody[/i]. Don't know exactly who he was thinking of, but read and analysis of the Nixon administration and there were clearly people there who would be that crazy. Bork instead wound up ensuring some stability, and the Nixon investigation never lost a day.

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