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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Belated debate commentary

I didn't think Bush did that bad. True, I missed the first half hour, but take for example all the buzz in the media, left and right, that he "looked angry". That's preposturous. You look at those cut-away shots and he just looks normal. Nothing like Gore and his constant sighing and shaking his head. The real mistakes he made mostly regarded not being agressive enough when Kerry opened himself up for it, and agreeing with him on nuclear proliferation as the most important issue. The first was probably simply some bad advice on the part of his handlers, the second was his own fault. He should have said "hunting down terrorists and killing them."

Posted by Unknown at 11:54 AM :

I didn't get to watch it, but hear that Bush defended his record aggressively. I am of the mind that there are no real undecideds now. Everyone knows where each candidate stands, and if they are still undecided, then I doubt they will vote. Any last minute "grenades" thrown in the next few weeks will be seen for what they are.
My gut feeling? Dubya will win!
But, Hey! I live in Texas!
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