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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Al Gore Invents Internet TV

Al Gore announced plans to strike back at the digital brown-shirts by creating a new cable-news service that will allow viewers to submit their own segments. By fusing the power of the 24-hour cable news service with the potential of the internet, Gore hopes to guide Current TV on an exploration of the sweet mysteries of life. Said the former-vice-president-almost-elected-president-but-cursed-with-nightmares-of-hanging-chads, "24 hour news has done the country an invaluable public service the last few months in keeping the American public constantly updated on the subtly shifting shadows on the exterior walls of the Courthouse where the Michael Jackson trial is being held. The internet has engaged young people in a way we old fogey's never could have imagined, which is why I invented it, and has even helped fund the failure of Howard Deans candidacy. I want to bring these great achievements together in one medium, and let the people have their say."

When queried regarding any political motivations, and whether his network would try to do to Fox News what Air America has done to Limbaugh, or whether he could manage to be even less effective, Gore was defensive. "We have no intention of being a TV version of Air America. I didn't invent radio, so why would I use it? I invented the internet, so of course we really seek to be a TV version of Democratic Underground. We want every young progressive to expose *bushitler lies to the American people with witty yet logically deficient home-made videos."

(Precision Guided Humor)

Posted by Unknown at 9:20 PM :

hi-sorry this comment has nothing to do with your editorial:( Are you the "Stormin' Mormom" of stock-car racing fame? I grew up in Vegas, during the 60's-70's; used to watch races @(old)Craig Road Speedway..A driver by the nickname "Stormin Mormon" was always a highlight! Anyway, if it you, terrific! If not, all is still good and God bless ya!
"whether his network would try to do to Fox News what Air America has done to Limbaugh, or whether he could manage to be even less effective"

LOL! :-D
Having such a good day discovering liberal Mormons all over the Internet...I may have to say Bushitler several times today. Thanks for making me aware of it.

There was a report on the blogs and propaganda on NPR a few days ago. I have laughed a lot that my personal blog will never change anyone's mind - but you've got a shot here.
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